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Prof. Dong C. Liu and Dr. Paul Si-Yao Liu invited to give academic lectures
2023-11-30 09:17 刘锋 

On November 24, Prof. Dong C. Liu, aninternationalexpert in ultrasound imaging and signal processing, and Dr. Paul Si-Yao Liu, aninternationalexpert in image processing and deep learning, were invited to give academic lectures for the graduate students and teachers of School of Automation at Room104 of Information Building. Shiqi Jiang, director of the International Joint Research Center for Robots and Intelligent Systems, presided over the meeting.

Prof. Dong C. Liu’ lecture introduced an interdisciplinary research area around the theme "Diagnosis of NAFLD and related CVD with Medical Ultrasound". By use of medical ultrasound for the diagnosis of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) and related cardiovascular diseases (CVD), Prof. Liu first analyzed the relationship between NAFLD and CVD from the perspective of pathological factors, and studied the clinical acoustic characteristics of patients with NAFLD and CVD. Then, the CEUS for NASH and the SWE/ARFI feature extraction and algorithm for liver fibrosis diagnosis were demonstrated to the teachers and student.

Dr. Paul Si-Yao Liu is currently the Technical Director of TAISON, Inc., Chengdu and Chief Engineer of TAISON, Inc., USA. He gave a lecture entitled "AI-based 3D carotid plaque assessment for stroke prevention at the primary level". Liu first introduced the application of ultrasound image visualization technology. Striving for the evaluation and screening of carotid plaques, He uses artificial intelligence technology to provide real-time plaque recognition and on-demand automatic segmentation and evaluation. This work significantly reduces the uncertainty of traditional manual scanning that relies on the personal experience of physicians, and presents 3D result visualization close to real animation rendering with the assistance of AI pre-processing, which has been successfully productized.

These two wonderful reports deeply affected the teachers and students present. The interactive atmosphere was relaxed and warm. These talks with two experts broadened the international vision of our teachers and students, and laid a foundation for further strengthening in-depth cooperation in related fields in the future.

International Joint Research Center of Robots and Intelligent Systems


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